VoIP Cheap calling


With our Internet phone (VoIP) you can call very conveniently into fixed-lines (0.60 CZK/ min) and mobile networks (1,9 CZK/ min). Moreover, you don't commit to any monthly charge or fixed payment but you call as you need it. The big advantage is also unlimited free calls within our network Pe3ny.Net
We know that it is important for you to have a control over your account. Therefore, we have prepared detailed listing of all your calls and other useful information in your online account, which is always available. Like the Internet services we are establishing phone services, along with Internet completely free of charge. If you were only interested in our telephone service, we happily realize it, but you have to pay an installation fee according to the valid price list.








Advantages of VoIP

Žádný paušál

With us you do not pay any monthly charge or other fees, simply you do not pay when you are not calling. It's only up to you whether you call every day or once a year. VoIP phone is charged by credit that is subtracted from your account, this credit does not have a time limit.

Účet pod kontrolou

Your phone bill is fully under control in online detailed list of calls. List includes exactly how long you called and how much you paid for it.

Záznamník hovorů

Answering machine can record messages but also manages to redirect your calls in your absence, or sends you e-mail when you have a message.

Volání zdarma

In our network you will not pay a crown even if you call long hours. You can also make free calls to networks of most major VoIP telephone operators.

Výhodné volání do zahraničí

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP calling is very cheap international calls. With us, you will not have to check the time when you call your loved ones travelling.

Tarifikace 60+30

After the first minute of the call, pulse is charged in 30 seconds.


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