General technical information

We use multiple technologies to connect to the Internet. Consequently, there are more connection speeds and different prices available. Not everywhere are all of them available. Generally:

LAN / OPTI for apartment buildings - connected by fiber optic cable ... Tariffs OPTI see our Price list.
This is available in apartment buildings in areas Petřiny and Dědina, in 2014 also Červený vrch. Gradually expanding to other areas of Prague 6. There is no charge for owners to build these networks; we are investors. Not yet available for family houses..

LAN / LAN + for apartment buildings - connected by high-speed access point for the entire building ... Tariffs LAN see our pricelist.
This is available in apartment buildings in many locations in Prague. We build it under a contract with the housing association or condominium and there need to be more units interested in the house. Housing association or condominium usually do not pay any charge; we are investors.

Wireless connection band 5GHz ... Tariffs WI-FI BROADBAND see our pricelist.
It is suitable for individual connections and family houses. Receiver and the antenna is usually installed on the roof, sometimes just behind the window. Lead from the receiver is led through UTP cable, through which is the device being charged. Equipment for the reception is usually lent.

xDSL connection by telephone line ... Tariffs ADSL / VDSL see our pricelist.
Suitable where there cannot be another connection. Phone line is almost everywhere, or you can install new one. Cabling is hired from Telefonica (Telefonica also service it). We provide the Internet. To connect, modem is needed..

How do I connect?
The connection is implemented usually by our technicians. However, please note the following:
The output of all connections (except DSL) is an Ethernet UTP cable. It can be plugged directly into only a one PC. If you want to connect more than one PC, use the router. Alternatively you can purchase appropriate router from us for a bargain price and we can also set it for you. When installing VoIP telephony, suitable telephone gateway can be used as a router in some cases. Routers are equipped with wireless WI-FI module. Regarding WI-FI, read the details. Note that not all routers behave in all networks correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with our support what to avoid. E.g. D-link products are unsuitable.

WI-FI coverage
To cover households you can use common routers. We emphasize that the WI-FI technology does not guarantee that the target computer gets Internet at full speed. WI-FI is unsettled, there is not enough channels. To use it successfully you should get some knowledge. Usual throughput WI-FI network in towns varies between 8-30 Mb/s. We recommend WI-FI as a supplement. At least the main PC at home should be connected with UTP cable. Do not believe mindlessly slogan "Live without wires". Remember that you use WI-FI at your own responsibility.

Connection setting

Everything that you are connecting to an Ethernet UTP cable must dispose of the following:
IP address
Subnet Mask
The gate (Gateway)
Primary DNS (and usually secondary)

This data is set statically. It is necessary to fill them in in the connected device. If you connect cable for each PC, this is set in the operating system. Every OS setting is a little bit different, manuals in PDF format can be found here:
Instructions for setting IP address and DNS for Windows 7 -PDF
Instructions for setting IP address and DNS for Windows XP - PDF
Instructions for setting IP address for Windows (in general)  DOC- PDF

When connecting the router, set the WAN interface of the router (cable leads into the WAN port on the router). Routers are configured through the web browser. Instructions are attached with the router. The advantage of the router is that PC, which is connected to it, gets the necessary information and sets automatically. PC is usually already prepared for this option.