Today, Internet is very important part of our lives. Technology and services are developing quickly as it is in direct proportion to increasing demand on the connection. We use the latest technology to provide you a stable hi–speed connection at an affordable price. 

As part of our pro-client policy we do not have contracts to undertake you for certain period of time. * We believe that you will be happy with our services and therefore you will stay with us simply because you will feel comfortable and not because of a commitment, as it is elsewhere. Conversely, if you have a commitment with another provider we will ensure you free internet connection, so you can close existing commitment. We will also provide free installation of tariffs OPTI, LAN and LAN+.

As one of the few companies we offer symmetrical Internet connection speed. This means that we guarantee the same speed while uploading and downloading. Internet is no longer just about downloading data and information but also about uploading pictures and more on social networks, e.g. YouTube etc. With us you don't need to worry about data restriction in the meaning that no one will restrict how long you can be connected on Internet or how much data you can download. Our connection is data unlimited.

* Does not apply on ADSL/VDSL, WI-FI - BROADBAND, 3G connection










Provided technologies:

Optický internet

Previously, this technology was used mainly by business companies, while today its becoming increasingly used and gets into homes. The reason is simple – it is a qualitative top, the best of what the market offers. We are not afraid to say that in the future fibre-optic communication becomes standard, without which we cannot do. Optical Internet is very stable and fast (max. speed of 300 Mb/s). The only disadvantage of this connection is that it is not possible to provide it everywhere. In the case that you live in place where we do not have optical fibre, we gladly offer other alternatives.


It is a form of professional hi-speed connection that we implement in companies so as residential units. This connection also features low latency and a maximum speed of 100 Mb/s. Because of more difficult installation we provide this type of connection into buildings where there are minimum of 3 clients who would be interested in LAN/LAN plus.


A unique advantage of broadband communication is that we are able to realize it almost everywhere. To be more precise on 95% of the territory of Prague, which is our coverage. If you live in a place where you have a little trouble with coverage we are able to provide you stable quality connection, individually, without negotiations with neighbours.


This type of Internet connection is still widely used in the Czech Republic. There are many reasons for it. It is the connection via landline, what makes it more available than cable connection. Main advantage of this connection is its stability. You can be sure that even when the clouds are gathering outside, or other unfavourable effects are taking place, you will stay connected, which nowadays is a huge advantage.


The mobile Internet is managed using SIM cards and therefore it is especially suitable for your smartphones or tablets. 3G networks already cover most of the Czech Republic and particularly in Prague the coverage is very good. Compared to older versions of mobile connection, 3G are much faster and more reliable. This type of connection will give your devices new dimensions and possibilities; with 3G Internet in your mobile you can make e.g. video calls.