Unlike large multinational companies we differ in approach to our clients. We realize how data are nowadays important, that it is not just about browsing the Internet and that today everyone needs for living the fast and seamless connectivity at a fair price. We trust in our services, that is why we offer them without disadvantageous contracts and commitments. Matter of course is also free installation and customer service carried out by our professional and skilled technicians. But this is not all, an added bonus that you can look forward to, is e.g. Wi-Fi connection near homes of our customers.


With us, you do not need to commit to a contract for a fixed period like with other companies. All our services are without commitments, so you can stay just as long as you wish and for how long our services suit you. If you're worried about the commitment, which you have with other company and do not want to pay two bills for telecommunications services at once, and yet you are interested in our services, we have something very exclusive and really fair for you. We will provide you our Internet completely for free until your old contract expires!
To all our clients we also provide services with personal settings. We maximally adapt to your needs and wishes and we will find the best solution for you. In addition, you do not have to care about anything and have nothing to worry, our technician will install everything for free and also if necessary, he will arrange service or technical support. Simply put, you can contact us with any problem, we are here for you!

Vždy se snažíme pro naše klienty udělat něco navíc

Our goal is to make the Internet for the benefit of the community. For this reason, we got involved in various activities that strengthen IT literacy. We provide Internet access to schools for a symbolic price and we actively promote the teaching of informatics and computer technology in various seminars and lessons. We want you to be connected not only at home but also outside. We are constantly creating new places with Wi-Fi connection in popular locations (such as parks) that you choose yourselves by voting! On these public Wi-Fi networks everyone can connect for free but our clients have unlimited connection.