FIRST AID: Hello, this is IT ... Have you tried turning it off and on!?

How to solve the difficult situation with the wiring in the apartment? My socket is behind the door so how to convey the distribution to PC and TV?
It depends on the specific situation. For example, you can use the telephone wiring in the apartment. If this wiring is not in the building, the best way is the slat in the floor or under the carpet, etc.

What is the difference between ADSL / VDSL from O2, UPC and your optical Internet?
Optical Internet, which we provide, is today a technological leader on the market. It is the fastest and the most stable symmetrical Internet connection.

How long after signing the contract the installation takes place?
Usually our technician will contact you regarding the date of installation within 3 working days and installation itself will take place within 7 days of request.

What aggregation has your optical network?
No applicable aggregation.

How is the house connected?
All types of our Internet connections are made ​​using modern professional distribution. Because of this, we achieve very high standards.

How many clients does your company have?
Our company has more than 7000 satisfied customers.

Your offer sounds interesting, but unfortunately I have signed a long-term contract with UPC/ O2...
We will gladly help you with the termination notice. We know how. Plus you get free Internet access from us for the time of concurrence.

How can I terminate the agreement with UPC, O2 or CenTrio?
Instructions can be found here on our website, the main thing is to have all the required documents, which can also be downloaded on our website.

Can I sign a contract at the time of installation?
Yes, you can.

Can I try your connection?
No, the implementation of the Internet connection is associated with a visit of our professional technician. That means this is not possible because of the high cost. However, you can try our services including Internet access in our promo booth.

Is it possible to use only Internet?
It's not a problem.

Can I have a public IP address? And at what price?
Yes, it can be set up for 50CZK/month.

Why is IPTV better than conventional TV?
With IPTV you can watch delayed programs, record programs (you do not need another recorder), watch HD broadcasts, suspend the show, modify a menu or use the services of online video store.

Where can I find a list of IPTV stations?
List of stations can be found at any time neatly arranged on our website In the case of interest we have also printed materials.

Is radio stations part of IPTV?
Definitely. You can enjoy the radio Hey, Lumen, Proglas, Junior, Radiozurnal and many others.

Does IPTV affect Internet speed? And what about watching different channels on two IPTV boxes?
No, you do not need to worry about decrease of Internet speed. Connection is provided with sufficient margin.

Does IPTV allow recording programs?
Yes, without any additional devices you can record material up to a maximum of 100 hours.

Can I connect two TV? What do I need and at what price?
Yes, if you have our Internet access, you can. You get one set-top-box free from us, the second can be rented for 50CZK/month, or you can purchase it for 2000CZK.

Will you expand IPTV channels?
Yes, we are constantly working on our program offer.

Is it possible to use only IPTV?
Yes, in the case of payment of the installation fee and it is based on individual agreement.

How much is international calls - do you have a price list?
Our price list with all the information can be found here. In the case of interest we have also printed materials.

Can I keep the phone number from O2? Is there a charge for this service?
Yes, you can. Converting your number is charged 1100CZK without VAT.

Can I only use the phone services?
Yes, in the case of payment of the installation fee and it is based on individual agreement.

Are there any other costs associated with VoIP?
There is no monthly charge with us; you pay only for your calling. You need to have a VoIP phone or gateway.

Will my current wireless phone work?
For VoIP service is needed a new digital phone. Alternatively, it is possible to set up a VoIP gateway. It's up to you what you will prefer.